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July 2021


LTCcovid Webinar – Taking stock of Covid 19 and the Long Term Care sector in Germany

Welcome to the LTC covid webinar, 5th July 2021
Taking stock of Covid-19 and the Long-Term Care sector in Germany

• Klara Lorenz-Dant: “Introduction to the Long-Term Care COVID-19 experience in Germany”

• Thomas Fischer: “Where to from here? How the COVID-19 pandemic amplified some of the structural challenges of Germany’s home care sector”

• Heinz Rothgang: “Differences in outcome: The role of structural factors in COVID-19 mortality in care homes in Germany”

• Franziska Laporte Uribe: “Dementia and COVID-19 in New Zealand, Chile and Germany: Learning for resilience”

• Klara Lorenz-Dant: Summing up

• Q&A

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