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International Long-term care Policy Network (ILPN) is a network of researchers, policy-makers and other stakeholders with the aim to promote the global exchange of evidence and knowledge on LTC policy.

ILPN was launched in September 2010 and is based at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), United Kingdom. It is the first network of its kind providing an interface between researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders facilitating contributions to and sharing of evidence for shaping LTC policies and practice.


Demographic changes have pushed long-term care up the policy agenda of governments precisely at the time when they are facing major economic challenges. Governments’ policy responses to this through reform of the existing care and support systems have been met with anxious response from public.

Public policy needs to be supported by an evidence base created through research on ‘what works’ in long-term care. However, the concern is on the paucity of evidence and the lack of an appropriate forum to share existing knowledge widely and effectively at the international level.


ILPN hosts online and face-to-face events and activities that convene the exchange of long-term care policy views and evidence amongst researchers, professionals, policy makers and other key stakeholders in LTC.


  • Strengthen the links between the research community, policy makers and long-term care industry
  • Promote the sharing of evidence on LTC policy and practice
  • Foster research collaborations to develop new evidence in areas where knowledge gaps exist in LTC
  • Promote international comparative policy analysis to encourage evidence-based policy making.

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