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Latest paper from the Journal of Long-Term Care

New paper looks at Evaluating Social Care Prevention in England: Challenges and Opportunities

Authors: Marczak J, Wistow G, Fernandez J-L.

The latest paper from the Journal of Long-Term Care looks at the statutory duty (under the Care Act 2014) for Adult Social Care to prevent and delay development of needs for care and support. It seeks to lay the foundations for understand approaches to translating the Care Act’s obligation into effective local practice.

The study was conducted in six authorities to investigate how existing local approaches to prevention across Adult Social Care support prevention duties.

Findings include important differences between and within local authorities in how they interpret the concept of prevention. Findings also show limited collaboration between Adult Social Care and Health, and limited evaluation of local preventative efforts, due to pressures on resources.

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New paper looks at predicting unmet need for social care

Authors: Dunatchik A, Icardi R, Blake M.

This paper in the Journal of Long-Term Care looks at the predictors of unmet needs for adult social care in England.

Researchers drew on available data, previous literature and consultations with social care users and carers to analyse the factors that predict developing an unmet care need over a 10-year period.

Findings include identifying that the likelihood of developing unmet care needs does not differ by factors like gender, wealth, social contact, education or health behaviours. The only predictive factors of unmet need are living alone, being relatively young (though still over 50), not having a longstanding illness, losing a spouse and developing more severe needs.

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