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28 Oct 2015

The barriers to sustaining and scaling-up housing experiments in community-care: The Dutch experience

Authors: Cramer, H. Voordijk, H. Dewulf, G.                   Published: 2015

The study provides new insights into barriers to sustaining and scaling-up housing and community care innovations related to changing the long-term care system.

The authors studied two housing and community-care experiments. The eleven barriers and four core themes identified to the scaling-up of these experiments were analysed using the three theoretical concepts from the transitions literature: shielding, nurturing and empowering innovations. The barriers included shielding through subsidies without having organizational or political commitment, nurturing networks that underestimated the size of the housing and community-care innovations, and a failed empowerment because of regulatory uncertainty – not knowing the rules of tomorrow and ignoring the reality that it takes time to spread the lessons learnt in experiments.

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