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2012 Conference Presentation

Housing United Kingdom

6 September 2012

Towards a typology of models of adult social care in housing with care settings

Simon Evans, University of Worcester, United Kingdom
Theresia Baumker, PSSRU, University of Kent, United Kingdom
Robin Darton, PSSRU, University of Kent, United Kingdom
Ailsa Cameron,
Rachael Dutton,
Ann Netten, PSSRU, University of Kent, United Kingdom
Jeremy Porteus,
Randall Smith,
Teresa Whitehurst,


Housing with care (comprising extra care housing schemes and retirement villages) has become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years. A key feature is the availability of on-site care and support that meets the changing needs of a diverse range of residents. The provision of care and support involves a range of partners, requiring considerable flexibility to deliver services that maximise quality of life. Whichever model is used, adult social care (ASC) input is crucial. For many residents their needs and eligibility for funding are assessed by their local adult social services department. Councils are also responsible for developing strategic approaches to enhance the housing with care choices for older people. Little information is available about how ASC is provided in housing with care schemes.

The aim of this project is to explore how best to deliver ASC, in order to maximise quality of life of residents and make the best use of resources. ASSET is an independent research project commissioned and funded by the Department of Health’s NIHR School for Social Care Research. The project began in February 2012 with a review of ASC and housing with care literature, intended to inform the development of a survey of commissioners and providers to identify models of ASC. This will be followed by detailed case studies to develop recommendations for best practice and future investment decisions.

The presentation will discuss the findings of the review and provide a preliminary typology of the models of ASC in housing with care settings.


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