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2018 Conference Presentation


10 September 2018

The Role of Global Long-Term Care Scholarship in the Journal of Aging & Social Policy

Edward Miller, Journal of Aging & Social Policy, United States


Policymakers, practitioners, and researchers need a balanced, thoughtful, and analytical resource to meet the challenge of global aging at a rate that’s historically unprecedented. The Journal of Aging & Social Policy (JASP) (, which was founded in 1989, serves this role by drawing contributions from an international panel of policy analysts and scholars who assume an interdisciplinary perspective in examining and analyzing critical phenomena that affect aging and the development and implementation of programs for elders from a global perspective. Study settings extend beyond the United States to include Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Latin America, Asia, and the Asia-Pacific rim. This presentation will document the scope, content, and focus of JASP, including the rise of international submissions, which now account for approximately half of articles published. Opportunities for publishing on long-term care in JASP will be discussed; so too will strategies for navigating the peer-review process successfully.

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