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2012 Conference Presentation

EconomicsPolicy Australia

7 September 2012

Recalibrating long term care in Australia: the economics and politics of reform

Elizabeth Ozanne, Department of Social Work, School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Melbourne, Australia


In August 2011, the Australian Productivity Commission provided a report to Government on Caring for Older Australians which laid out options for LTC development in Australia to 2050. In April 2012, the Government responded with its own $3.7bn Reform Plan Living Longer Living Better to be implemented over a 10-year period. Generally the public response both to the consultative process initiated by the Productivity Commission and the government’s final recommendations has been positive, though many of the details have still to be worked out and the government’s minority political position in parliament remains precarious.

This paper will review the main recommendations of the Government’s reform agenda, in the light of international trends and the original recommendations of the Productivity Commission, and explore the views of key stakeholders in relation to early implementation.


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