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2012 Conference Presentation

Policy DenmarkFinlandIcelandNorwaySweden

7 September 2012

Public long-term care systems in Scandinavian countries: recent policy shifts and future challenges

Marja Vaarama, National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL), Finland


All European countries have implemented changes in their long-term systems, aiming at better quality of care and better value of money. This is reflected in changing balance of care, increased marketization in the provision of care and in targeting of public support. Scandinavian countries are known for having well-developed, publicly financed and organized care systems with a good supply of services over the whole continuum of care. The basic principle has been universal social and health care system. Since 1990’s, the Nordic welfare model has been changing in many ways.

The presentation gives an overview on developments in the long-term care systems in Nordic countries since the 1990’ies using the latest literature, statistics and other documents: the care system and changes in it, privatization in care supply and financing, development of coverage of LTC care, changes in targeting of the care, development in the care quality, the newest reforms and Nordic discussion on future challenges for LTC.


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