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2012 Conference Presentation

Outcomes and quality EnglandUnited Kingdom

6 September 2012

Is the quality of home care for older people in England improving? Evidence from a survey of publicly-funded service

Francesco D'Amico, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
Juliette Malley, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
Jose-Luis Fernandez, London School of Economics, United Kingdom


Home care is a vital form of support enabling disabled people to live in their own homes. There are a number of reasons why the quality of home care should be a concern for governments, including vulnerability of the people home care providers serve. Service user’s disabilities make them vulnerable to financial, emotional or physical abuse and the risks of this rise in environments where staff cannot easily be monitored.

Through the use of a repeated user-level survey, we evaluate changes in the quality of home-care services occurred in England between 2006 and 2009. The quantitative analysis is implemented among several quality outcome domains and through the use of regression methods. Preliminary results suggest a decline in users’ self-perceived quality even after controlling for socio-economic characteristics of the individuals.


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