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2022 Conference Presentation

8 September 2022

The RAISE Family Caregiver Advisory Council: strategies to bolster caregivers’ financial security

Pamela Nadash , University of Massachusetts Boston , United States


The US federal government has spearheaded an effort under the Recognize, Assist, Include, Support, and Engage (RAISE) Family Caregivers Act of 2018, to develop a national family caregiving strategy. The Council began by (in 2021) identifying five key Goals critical to supporting family caregivers, which were reported to Congress in the Council’s Initial Report; the next step (in 2022) was to identify how these Goals are to be operationalized via specific actions. This presentation describes the work of the Council and discusses Goal 4, which focuses on financial security for family caregivers, a goal incorporating diverse components, including federal legislation, enhancing workplace security for working caregivers, and ways to pay family caregivers for providing supportive services. It reviews the top strategies that have been identified via research, and concludes by reviewing the research needed to push forward this agenda.

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