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2022 Conference Presentation

10 September 2022

Coordinating a system response to COVID: The case of the Greater London area

Jose-Luis Fernandez , Care Policy and Evaluation Centre, LSE , United Kingdom

Joanna Marczak, Gerald Wistow
Care Policy and Evaluation Centre, LSE


As the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact the social care system in England, London boroughs (responsible for organising public social care across London) came together to coordinate the collection and use of evidence about the consequences of the pandemic on the London care system, supported by researchers from academia. The session will describe the nature of the data that was collected, and the way in which it was used to support decision makers to understand and address the negative impacts of COVID on care users and service providers. It will also draw on interviews with London care professionals, decision makers and providers to discuss the likely post-COVID legacy effects of the changes in the collaboration across London authorities in the management of the care system.

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