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22 Dec 2015

Integrated care, choice and competition in Germany and Sweden

Authors: Leichsenring, K, Rodrigues, R., Winkelmann, J., Falk, R.                         Published: August 2015

This  study  addresses the  question  whether  market oriented  governance  based  on  competition  and choice  is  compatible  with  the  most  desirable  and  allegedly  most  effective  delivery  of integrated long-term  care. The report includes a literature review and findings from three case studies in Germany and Sweden, where key-­stakeholders were interviewed following a semi-­structured questionnaire. The findings showed a nuanced picture as to the reconciliation of choice and competition, on the one hand, and integrated care on the other. Overall respondents in the three sites believed that it is feasible to achieve integrated care in the context of user choice and competition, however a number of barriers have been also identified.

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