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13 Oct 2015

How Affordable Care Act in US Falls Short In Expanding Home Care Services To The Elderly

Author: Vento, N.                                Published:  2015

The author argues that while The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) makes great strides in the interest of providing home and community-based services, the creation of four new optional programs for states to adopt falls short in  bridging the gap between institutional care and home and community-based services. By creating more optional programs, PPACA further fragments the offering of services by continuing to give states the choice of whether or not they want to expand their services and forcing states to provide those services through multiple, limited programs. Additionally,  PPACA fails to adopt any mandatory minimum licensure standard and still leaves home and community-based services at risk to be eliminated by states due to budgetary constraints.

To read more visit Journal of Law and Health.



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