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02 Feb 2016

Barriers to linking research and policy: the case of LTC in low and middle income countries

Author: Peter Lloyd-Sherlock                                             Published: January 2016

This paper sets out a number of issues related to the translation of research into evidence and policy for long-term care (LTC) in low and middle income countries (LMICs). It assesses the role research can play in problem definition, including establishing the scale of long-term care demand in LMICs and identifying potential negative consequences of policy inaction. It also assesses the role that research can play in identifying and evaluating solutions to the problem, in the form of suitable policies and interventions. The paper demonstrates that the capacity for research to influence long-term care policy is very limited and it calls for the establishment of an adequately resourced global institutional hub to support research in this area and to promote knowledge-sharing between academics and policy-makers.

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