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2018 Conference Presentation

EnglandUnited Kingdom

10 September 2018

The Role of Global Long-Term Care Scholarship in the Journal of Long-Term Care

Michael Clark, Journal of Long-Term Care, United Kingdom


The newly established Journal of Long-Term Care (JLTC) has been supported by the School for Social Care Research of the National Institute for Health Research in England ( and hosted by the International Long-Term Care Policy Network ( to provide a focus for high-quality evidence about long-term care. As the challenges of providing outstanding long-term care to match the changing demographics of their populations has risen higher on local and national policy agendas, many policy makers and practitioners have increasingly seen the gaps in the evidence they desire to inform their decisions and the dispersed nature of the evidence that does exist. This presentation will discuss this context and the rationale behind the JLTC and the scope of the journal and its goal of addressing the challenges discussed.

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