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2016 Conference Presentation

(Inter)national systemsResidential Care EU

7 September 2016

Providing nursing and residential care services in Europe: a greater role for the private sector?

Daniel Molinuevo, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, Ireland


The data available shows that in Europe there is a trend towards increasing reliance on the private sector in the provision of residential care services. Using Eurofound’s Network of European Correspondents ( our research maps out trends in private provision over the last ten years in all EU 28 Member States. Our aim is to identify the countries and circumstances in which there has been a particular increase in the role of the private sector in residential care, looking at both profit and not-for profit private providers. This includes the identification of relevant policy and legislative initiatives that favor private provision.

Our research also looks at studies analyzing the implications that private provision has for the services delivered. More concretely, we focus on studies analyzing its impact on the quality (covering both medical and non medical aspects) and the accessibility of services in nursing homes and residential care services. Our research also includes the user perspective by bringing together the main issues of concern for service users organizations regarding the quality of private residential/nursing care services and how it can be improved.

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