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2012 Conference Presentation

PolicyTechnology Sweden

6 September 2012

Programmes in Sweden to stimulate innovation in technology and long term care

Theresa Skehan, Swedish Instiute for Assistive Technology, Sweden


“Technology for Elderly” (2007–2012) and ”Growing older living well” (2010–2012) are two national programmes financed by the Swedish Government and coordinated by the Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology with a focus on stimulating the development and testing of technologies and environments that can support older persons in their daily lives to age safely and securely in their own home environment.

The programmes have raised awareness and knowledge among politicians, decision makers and professionals on the importance that innovative thinking can play in the development of appropriate technologies and living environments for older persons. With a budget of approximately 20 million EURO, the programmes have endowed approximately 200 projects. The projects have investigated many different potentials such as:
• Care IP – Alarm Unit with GSM-backup,
• CAD-tools for building design that enhances accessibility
• Preventive training with outdoor equipment for older persons
• Doro – Mobile phone designed for older persons,
• Nintendo WII Sport – Computer games as an ac6vity for fun and joy of movement within the domain of elderly-care,
• ICT to support communica6on between the older persons and their caregivers in sparsely populated areas in Sweden,
• Caredo – Wireless home care safety system and a Call Centre for relatives – Videophone support to relatives,
• a “smart” medicine carousel that monitors as well as reminds about medicine intake,
• architect competitions in four municipalities that will result in the construction of housing for older persons.

In my presentation I will share results from a number of these projects that have shown promise for long term care.


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