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2014 Conference Presentation

Outcomes and quality Austria

2 September 2014

Measuring long-term care outcomes using ASCOT – experiences from Austria

Birgit Trukeschitz, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria


Measuring long-term care (LTC) outcomes is challenging – not only conceptually but also in terms of implementation. The aim of this presentation is to discuss three examples for LTC outcome measurement based on ASCOT in Austria.

The first example will deal with the Home Visit and Counselling Programme run by the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs. It will show how outcomes for a very large number of care recipients can be assessed by a mix of methods and what needs to be considered to obtain reliable results. The second example illustrates how LTC outcomes are used for supervising home care service provision in Vienna. Finally, a qualitative study of outcomes in day care centres in Vienna demonstrates that it is more than just being in company or occupied that people could gain from such services.

Taken together these three examples provide insights into processes and results of LTC outcome measurement and discuss further options for development and implementation.

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