Unpaid care

The ILPN unpaid care interest group aims to bring together researchers from all over the world working on unpaid care to develop a platform for the exchanging of research evidence and to promote research on unpaid care. An online platform will host profiles of members of the group and will act to facilitate the exchange of research ideas, information on funding calls, published papers and government policy reforms and blogs.



The ILPN network on dementia aims to explore what can be done within health and care systems to raise standards of care for people with dementia and support for their family and other carers so as to improve both their health and their wellbeing.

The aims of the interest group network are to promote the sharing of policy-relevant evidence on dementia, particularly in relation to care, but also covering prevention; to encourage more and better policy-relevant research on long-term care and dementia; and to arrange occasional events on key topics.

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